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Creating visually inspiring sequences for personal and commercial use. 

Harry's instinctive style is remarkable and unique to him. The way he views the world makes each piece completely bespoke.

As a videographer, he understands the importance of an engaging storyline. His creativeness sees the finest of details and every scene is thoughtfully choreographed and methodically constructed.

Having an adaptable style broadens his range of work, having a long list of clientele  you will be received with a well rounded videographer. This service is completely customisable catering to a variety of genres. Understanding the importance of communication you will be walked through the whole project, from the initial frame working stages right through to refining the final product.

Whether you know exactly what you are after or are still learning about the power of video, you'll be assured to enjoy every part of the process.


Creating advertising campaigns and revolutionary visuals that trigger feeling and emotion.

  • Promotional Trailers/Showreals

  • Social Events

  • Weddings

  • Real Estate

  • Accomodation

  • Personal v/logs-Blogs

  • Documentary

  • Footage Licensing 

  • Music Videos

  • Interviews and Testimonials

  • Short Film

  • Tourism

Journey Beyond Ghan Expedition
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