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GME Onboard Luna

Trying and testing the brand new GME XRS 330c.

Deep in the Australian Outback.

We all know how vital communication is in our day to day lives, let alone when taking a vehicle around the country to explore Australia’s hidden gems.

This year I have had the opportunity to take the new XRS 330c on the road with us and put it to the test. 

Ensuring safety and a reliable source of communication, I knew there was no compromise when it came to which UHF we should have onboard.

Since the release of the new XRS range I was so keen to be a part of the new moving technology. 

I was excited to test out some of the new features which presented the device to be more user friendly than every before. 

It’s now been 6 months that the compact 330c unit has been mounted in our bus along our travels.  

New XRS 330c featured

I am pleased to say we couldn’t be any more happy with the product. It has stood up to every test and is without a doubt, easily a bus staple that I know we couldn’t be without. 

First opening the new box I knew upon seeing the unit and the green triangle with the kangaroo stated ‘Australia made’ we had reliability guarantee straight away, being an Australian product I knew it was going to be build for practical purpose.

Out the box, straight away I could tell that the CB unit was made for work. It’s comfortable hand held design handles nicely and is so well weighted in your hand, you can straight away tell the XRS is no cheap toy. 

It’s matte black finishings is sleek and displays no tacky bits for getting caught or broken with among a robust lifestyle. 

I have found the best moments of adventure to be the ones that are off the map and unplanned, but, with that comes an element of risk. 

To find an amazing landscape, sometimes you have to go places where no one else has been. Having the XRS onboard has given us the confidence to push things a little further when wanting to see more. 

There is no limitations when it comes to who the device is best suited for. The functionality and connectivity to the mobile app via Bluetooth is a game changer. 

Knowing XRS is only a handful away is so reassuring. 

I can’t wait to see where the XRS 330c will take us next.

"I look forward to equipping all our adventures with more ever relabel GME products."

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