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Brand New Wedding Venue Opening Doors on the Fleurieu!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

In recent weeks, Paige Cooper from Ortus wines got in touch and invited me to visit a new soon-to-be wedding venue in Willunga. She explained that the building was at the tail end of stage one developments and is now ready to start some brand development under the already established wine label - Ortus. Ortus has been selling wine since 2013. Paige enquired about some event photography to be done in the coming weeks, as Ortus was in need of some fresh new visual content that can be released to publication ASAP. The goal being to promote the new building's hire availability.

The building is now ready to open it's doors to Adelaide's thriving wedding market; perfect timing for the up and coming wedding season! The stand-alone building has been transformed from the original 1960's cellar door and was then used as barrel storage hall. It wasn't until late 2015 where the idea of giving the building life and purpose became apparent. After immense planning and thorough investigation the Ortus building was given the green light for development approval in 2018. Now, today, July 2020, I am fortunate enough to have jumped in to see it's final finishing touches right before the official opening. Like many Fleurieu local business's and wineries, this is a family affair. Paige's mother Julie also oversee's the whole project and these two personalities blend well to run and develop Otrus wines as well as the new Venue in Willunga.

The new space is specifically designed to be a dry hire venue. Making it a perfect blank canvas for when it comes to styling your own event. When hiring the venue, Ortus will offer great value packages on wine supplies for your event. Additionally, they offer wholesale discounts to all guests to purchase wine after the event. Aside from the wine, these ladies plan to hand the keys over to their customers a few days before their event so that the suppliers can take over the building to design and style the space exactly how they envision it. As a contextual walk through of Ortus's new precinct, there are two large indoor areas that can be divided or merged, an outdoor pavilion with exposed agrogate completed by hardwood decked areas that all look out through heritage listed red gums, and into the vineyards of Willunga. Below the deck, you have a large canopy of gumtrees that shade a large lawn area, ideal for picnics, wedding ceremonies, live music or even outdoor canopies or reception to a wedding. The area is only limited to your creativity when it comes to how much potential it boasts.

Originally, arriving at the venue I was pleasantly surprised as it had already caught my eye in previously weeks when driving through Willunga. I would be surprised if you didn't take a second look when driving through the vineyard-lined streets of Willunga. Unlike many other buildings in the area it's overall appearance isn't intrusive to the surroundings and the neutral colours of the render and exposed cast iron logos blend well with the picturesque landscape of the world class wine region set amongst the historical gums. In conclusion to our first meeting, Paige, Jules and I had discussed a note book full of new ideas, design prospects and marketing concepts which are now already in the works! It is hard not to get excited about some of the new opportunities that we discussed as it has got so much potential for a variety of events, which I am sure much of South Australia will see with the seasons to come! Saturday the 18th of July had me visiting the venue again, as Ortus was holding it's second offical event; one that saw it's exclusive invitees discovering a brand interior.

I had the privilege of photographing the event and wandering around to take in all the new details of the venue. Ortus was mock dressed for a wedding reception by suppliers: Olympic Hire, and Modern Party Hire, Sammies Cookie Jar with flowers supplied by Pretty Petals. Ortus' first time in the lime light was noting short of amazing!

The newly installed floor to ceiling industrial sliding barn doors where a striking new asset to the building's interiors. The black poudercoasted steel complemented the black floor to ceiling commercialised windows adjacent to the doors. With these buidling elements, the terms spacious and grand comes to mind. However, even though it is still early days, the Ortus building already has some really nice smaller details, that truly set off the space. The custom Ortus logo handles that are on the barn doors were a touch of class that were fabricated by Sturms Mechanical Engineering. Credit to builder Grant Goode (Goode Quality Constructions) massive credit to him and Jules for coming up with the bespoke concept.

Saturday's event was just the start of what is set to be a busy summer for the new Ortus venue. The viewing of the vineyards from the panoramic windows as they take on a new season would be nothing short of sensational. For those newly engaged Bride and Grooms this could be the BYO/ Dry Hire wedding venue you have been looking for! It is already ticking all the boxes! Numerous indoor and outdoor areas, panoramic views, space, earthy tones and protection from the inclement weather. Ortus are now running private inspections of the site to serious applicants and can contact directly through Paige via

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