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Caitlin & Jack- Young Lovers

On a perfect day amongst Adelaide's fickle 2019-20 summer season landed a perfect day for the Wedding of Caitlin & Jack. A who tied the knot at the well renown Adelaide hills venue 'The Lot 100'. I have had the privilege of knowing Caitlin for quite a few years now as we previously worked within the retail industry. Since the days of working with Caitlin I have always kept in touch and followed her and Jacks love story. These guys have such a cool dynamic as a couple, both athletes and very talented. It wouldn't be strange to see these guys out running, cycling or working out together.

On Friday the 28th of January I had the privilege of capturing these lovers day. #suttonlyeverafter.

Anticipation the morning of is always an interesting dynamic when visiting both the Bride ands Grooms side in the morning. The boys started their day at Caitlin and Jacks house running around having their 3rd shower for the morning, catching up on sleep and one groomsman Tom buying even having the time to buy a house the morning of Jacks big day. Jack took his perfectionist personality and put it into action organising the boys, his house and the ribbon on the car in which was going to get him to the venue on time!

Wedding days are very personal and when it comes to working my service around a couple and their wedding day, full customisation is a non negotiable, as I want the couples final product to be fully tailored to them. Obviously as a wedding photographer your challenge is to document the day so it can be looked back on for years to come. However for me there is more to it than just the days event and its decorations. I believe there is a huge importance to capture all the people on the day itself. Those that are invited have obviously played a significant part in the couples life/relationship at some point in time. Its the many 1%ers that shape the bride and groom to who they are on that very day. One of the biggest days of their lives, their wedding day. I couldn't help but capture the face of a bride that will see and experience so many things over the years, only to look back and reflect of the euphoric time of who they were on that momentous day.

You on your wedding day- (Moments before leaving her prep location to make her way to Jack at the ceremony Caitlin Sheehy soon to be Mrs Sutton.) With the ceremony done it was time for the bride and groom to relax and spend some time with their beloved wedding party. This group were such a young and vibrant bunch with some amazing friendships it made taking photos easy as the daylight quickly ran away and further celebration to be commenced.

Although video wasnt in their budget, the couple mentioed in one of our early coffee meetings that they wold have loved some sort of footage. Little to their knowledge throughout the day I switched the stills camera to video to create a short rough and handheld video for them. There is no underestimating the power of video when it comes to reflecting or evoking emotion, the sounds, movement and personality comes to life. I was so glad to fill this little void and I know although that there may not have been anyu theatrical cinematics this little extra will hopfully be chrished and reflected upon when stimulating those senses of the day again and again.

This February wedding was a pleasure to shoot and Im so happy for Caitlin and Jack for taking the leap into marriage. Its seems as in this modern era young couples arnt as daring as yesteryears generation with many couples of pre the 2000's committed at a younger age. I think its special seeing young couple innocent commit a lifetime of love to one another that way you can experience life together. As some may parsec, Marrage isn't a block or a reason to slow down, you don't loose your independence nor your identity. There is a whole world our ready to be explore, travelled and expressed any why not do it with the support and love of your best friend.

"I want to wish Caity and Jack Sutton a lifetime of happiness!" - H.V #Younglove #Hellomay #Wedding #Lot100Adelaide
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