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Your plate is a work of art. Your ingredients are the paint, your chefs; are the artists.
With rich visual content, Harry aims to capture and present your delicious cuisine in the most wholesome and appetising way.

Harry will highlight the detail that goes into your menu, creating a long lasting personalised impression that your customers will recognise and appreciate. The time and effort that goes into your theme and ingredients makes your meals exclusive.
Together we can showcase the details of your flavours as well as your relaxed dining atmosphere to spike some appetites!

Why would you use me as your cuisine photographer?


Having previously worked within the industry, I understand the time and effort that goes into running a successful hospitality business .

I use colour psychology to stimulate appetite. I work with tones and compositions to create an aesthetic that works with your online marketing.

Not only do I focus on your food, I also aim to portray the feel of your overall space.

Let’s show the taste from your space!

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